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1. GOOGLE NOW:- Google's latest mobile helper is an extension of Android's Google Search app. Google Now expands the personal assistant concept popularized by Apple's Siri by anticipating your needs and providing useful information at the right time. It does so by automatically displaying "cards" that contain location- and time-relevant details. When you're at the airport, for instance, Google Now will find your boarding pass in an email and post it on your smartphone's screen. (As of mid-December, this feature works with only a limited number of airlines.) Google Now debuted in June 2012 at Google I/O, and is currently limited to Android 4.1 and up. It shows great potential to make mobile devices much more intelligent and useful.

2. GOOGLE DRIVE:- Google Drive isn't new, of course, but its recent upgrade allows you to edit Google Sheets (spreadsheets) on your Android phone or tablet. The Drive app now boasts additional desktop-like functionality as well; you can create a new spreadsheet, edit an existing one, and see other people's edits in real time -- handy for working collaboratively when you're on the go. You can resize columns, change fonts, sort data and so on. Another nice touch is the ability to add a home screen shortcut to any file in Drive. The smartphone may never be the go-to device for spreadsheet jockeys, but Google Drive's upgrades certainly make it more useful for number-crunchers.

3. PHOTO WALL FX :-   Your Personal Wallpaper Gallery. Showcase an animated collage of your favorite photos on your device's wallpaper with Photo Wall FX - a live wallpaper app that does exactly that while consuming very little battery. Photo Wall FX is a live wallpaper app that showcases your photos in a collage format with several layout styles to choose from. Want to add an entire album, to apply some cool image effects or just double tap on any photo to share it or view it in full screen? This app does them all. Photo Wall FX has been optimized for both smartphones and tablets that has live wallpaper function with options to choose both portrait and landscape layout styles.

Basic Features include:
- Select specific photos from your device to be featured on your live wallpaper photo collage
- Portrait and landscape views have their own customized layout styles
- Double tap on photo on wallpaper to view the specific photo in full screen mode. This effectively turns your wallpaper into your favorite photo gallery.
- Smart Image Correction to keep visibility of object in the picture
- Smart Image Rotation to correct photo orientation
- Customizable animation time interval
- Fast loading time
- Minimum battery consumption.

4. AEGIS :- Lost your phone? Want to get an exact GPS location... or better yet, wipe it clean? That's the idea behind aeGis. Set up a few PIN-enabled security measures in the app, and if your phone is lost or stolen, borrow someone's device to text yourself. Send the code and you'll get a location, or lock it down, or erase all of your personal data. AeGis is an OSS alternative to other security apps that interact via SMS. aeGis allows you to lock, locate, wipe, and alarm your phone via configurable SMS passphrases. If your phone ever goes missing or is stolen, simple text the passphrase you chose to your device to activate any of the four options. aeGis source code can be found at http://github.com/Decad3nce/Aegis.

5. SEND IT :- SendIt uses a combination of SMS texts and Google's account system, sending links through text to anything you want to share. If you're sharing a file, it's automatically uploaded to the public folder in your Google Drive account, where your recipient can download it at will. Easy, handy, simple.Send It is an application that allows you to send ANYthing to ANY smartphone (iPhone, WP7 etc..) There is one universal method that comes equipped with every single smartphone.. SMS. Not MMS. Good old SMS. And there is one account almost every single android user has.. a Google Account. Combine the two and you get SendIt. Why try this over Whatsapp, Email, Bluetooth, AirDroid etc? Unlike any other application all SendIt requires to work is the recipients phone number. Nothing else. You don't need an account, they don't need to have the app, you don't need to be in the same location, they don't even need to be on the same platform.

6. FLIPBOARD: Flipboard left the exclusive confines of iOS and came to Android in 2012. A free aggregation app for your favorite news services and social sites, it retrieves articles from online publications and popular social services such as Facebook and Twitter. The beauty of Flipboard is its swipe-friendly magazine-style UI -- simply "flip" through the pages with a swipe of the finger to move to the next page of articles. Flipboard displays posts and photos shared by your Facebook friends too. One bummer: the Android app is optimized for smartphones, not tablets, although a tablet-specific version will likely emerge as Android slates gain ground.

7. CATCH NOTES:- Everybody takes notes a little differently, and most of us have more than one way to record our brilliant thoughts. Catch Notes gets this and provides several ways to take notes. Its clever UI includes the capture wheel (see image), which lets you create voice, photo and text notes by tapping the appropriate icon. The free version of Catch Notes, which includes 3 spaces (private or shared notebooks) and the ability to post 70 MB of content each month to Catch's cloud service, is fine for personal use. The paid version starts at $5/month for 50 spaces, 1 GB of new cloud content per month and the ability to attach documents to notes.

8. SWITCH APPS:- SwitchApps, the next level of your multitasking experience on android operator device. It will change your way of switching between apps easier and faster way. Let’s forget about the old and various steps before you get to the other apps. Please Note the purpose of this app is to make you access to many apps in the simple “switching” system. Don’t worry about the complicated step, because SwitchApps is just too simple to use.

9. LANCER :- Use Lancer to track your jobs, tasks, expenses, deadlines and so much more. Lancer is an app for freelancers and small business that takes the pain out of doing what you love, and lets you focus on doing meaningful things. Lancer tracks your jobs, tasks, expenses, deadlines, wages due, notes and so much more. When you are finished a job, you can create an invoice which auto-generates all of your: tasks, expenses, wages, and the total payment due, into a handy mail, which you can send to you client(s) or save to Google Docs.

10. SWYPE :-With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods - at over 40 words per minute.The application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens, and more.

11. FASHION KALIEDOSCOPE :- The most fun and addictive way to shop the latest fashion from around the world. See the latest fashion outfits from around the world, and instantly find where to buy them.

  • Inspiring images from street style, fashion blogging, celebrities, fashion editors, fashion shows and runway looks
  • Browse outfits, save your favorites
  • Share on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook
  • Like something you see? With one click, see tons of similar items and where to buy them.
  • Find items that are on sale, and the stores with the cheapest options
  • Everything from dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, pants, blouses, jeans, shorts, coats, jackets, heels, wedges, sandals, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags, clutches and more.

12. FOODSTER :- Foodster is a chef's best assistant in the kitchen. Features: 10,000+ recipes from the best food blogs around the net, including Serious Eats, Smitten Kitchen, and more. Wonderful design that's great for tablets.  Unlimited recipe and folder syncing across devices. Shopping list syncing across devices too. Meal Builder - Use your leftovers and odd ingredients to build wonderful meals with ingredients you already have. Easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and more so you can let your friends know what recipes you are cooking.

13. WHATSAPP MESSENGER :- SMS text messaging has long been one of the cellular industry's biggest cash cows and mostnotorious rip-offs. But the death knell for SMS may sound soon, thanks to smartphone messenging apps like WhatsApp Messenger. A free messenger app that runs on all the major mobile platforms, WhatsApp works with your cellular number and integrates with a phone's address book. It supports video, image and voice messages, and allows free messaging to fellow WhatsApp users across the globe. There's plenty of competition in this space, of course, most notably Facebook Messenger, which doesn't require a Facebook account to send/receive messages. (Like WhatsApp, a simple phone number and user name will suffice.) So if you're paying a wireless carrier to text, don't do it!

14. SOUND SEARCH FOR GOOGLE PLAY :- "What's this song?" The Google Play Sound Search widget can help you recognize music and songs playing around you. You can: Identify songs, directly from your homescreen. Purchase identified songs straight from Google Play, and add them to your Plays Music library. Keep a song identification history, synced across all of your Android devices, so you can purchase a song later. Add the widget directly to your lockscreen, so you can recognize songs even faster (for devices running Android 4.2)

15. SNAPSEED :- Now the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 (TIPA) and iPad App of the Year 2011 is available on the Android Platform. Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips. Anyone can enhance, transform, and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software. Built-in Google+ capabilities make it even more powerful to share your images with your friends and family.

16. SYNC.ME (FACEBOOK CONTACT SYNC ) :- Sync.ME magically updates your Contacts with their pictures and information from Facebook. Now you can view your contact's pictures from Facebook when they call you and when you call them. Keep your contacts updated with their pictures and information from Facebook (birthday, status, address, website, company & job title). If you like Facebook, check out Sync.ME - it's fun, easy and FREE. Happy Syncing :)

17. OUTLOOK.COM :- This official Microsoft Outlook.com app gives you easy access to Oulook.com so you never miss an email. Send and receive emails in your Outlook.com account on the go from your Android device. Sign in using your existing Microsoft account, usually your Outlook.com email address and password.

18. ETA TEXT :-  This app is very useful for any occasion when you’re planning to meet someone further than a few blocks away. When you set off, it texts the person you’re meeting to give them an estimated time of arrival; then, it keeps monitoring your location via GPS to keep that estimate up to date. If it predicts that you’re going to be significantly later than it originally thought, it can automatically send a text to let the other person know the new estimate.

19. EVERNOTE :- The newest version has a tablet-friendly UI, a better note editing toolbar and works quite wonderfully. Great way to keep notes, bookmarks, and snippets in the cloud.

20. WONDERSHARE MOBILE GO :- I recommend this application to any Android and Windows user. It is the perfect computer-phone interface and the diversity of the features offered – including full backup of all messages, contacts, and apps at once – means that there is bound to be something in the application you will find useful.

21. INSTA CAMERA :- This app takes a photo as soon as it loads, saves it to its own folder, and closes again. That’s it. So just tap the icon to take a picture, removing all extra steps.

22. SMS BACKUP + :- It feels strange that text messages aren’t automatically backed up to the cloud. This app automatically syncs SMS and MMS data to your Gmail account, and your call log to your Google Calendar, and can retrieve them, too, if you get a new phone or wipe your current one.

23. TRUECALLER :- Caller ID for Android. If you get a call from a phone number you don’t have saved in your phonebook, TrueCaller will tell you the person’s name and any other information it can find. Very useful.

24. WORD PRESS :- The only app that lets you blog from your phone efficiently. Excellent functions with a great user interface, this app is a must for any blogger.

 25. PERIOD TRACKER :- If you’re a woman, this is THE application you want to use. Period. (Pun intended)

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